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Product Care


The following cakes should be stored at ROOM TEMPERATURE:

  • Any cake covered in chocolate ganache

  • Any cake covered in chocolate frosting

  • Any cake covered in fondant

The following cakes should be REFRIGERATED until 4-5 hours prior to serving. Larger cakes take longer to come to room temp. Always serve cakes at room temperature:

  • Any cake covered with vanilla buttercream

  • Any cake with cream cheese frosting

If you’re not eating a cake until a few days in the future:

  • Ask us to wrap the entire box for you

  • Freeze any cake EXCEPT cakes covered in chocolate ganache

  • Remove from freezer, unwrap box and let sit at room temperature for about 8 hours.

  • GANACHE cakes can be wrapped an kept at room temperature for 3-4 days

  • Always keep at room temperature, do not refrigerate because it dries them out

  • cupcakes are baked fresh daily and meant to be eaten same day, however if you are not serving until the next day, ask us to wrap the box and keep them on the counter

  • If you are not eating cupcakes until 2+ days in the future, we will wrap the box for you and we recommend freezing the cupcakes. Defrost unwrapped on the counter for 2-3 hours

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Brownies, Cookies and bakery items
  • Store at room temperature and keep in an airtight container if you’re not eating them all the same day - applies to cookies, tea cakes, monkey buns, oh my pie

  • Store in the fridge - brownies, cake truffles

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